Razer Unveils New Xbox Controller and Charging Stand

For the Xbox One and Series consoles, Razer has created a new SKU of its iconic Wireless Controller that sports a modernized aesthetic for the tried-and-true design. Despite having quite a few Xbox and Xbox-like controller designs over the years, it appears that the manufacturer of varied gaming devices has chosen to go with something more standard for the limited edition of its most recent release.

While Razer occasionally chooses to use more muted color schemes and designs for their gaming hardware, it is most well-known for its harsh black-and-green appearance with RGB accents. This similar style may be employed in many different contexts, but it is uncommon to see it combined with translucent, see-through plastics in modern society. This is where the new Xbox Wireless Controller from the firm comes in.

In contrast to Microsoft, who is experiencing a controller scarcity, Razer is announcing that their most recent limited-edition Wireless Xbox Controller with a Quick Charging Station is now exclusively available for presale in the US and Canada. This controller/charger combo, which costs $199, has Razer’s recognizable aesthetic flare in addition to having many crucial areas of its chassis that are nearly fully transparent. Fans of transparent technology are sure to love this product. To connect to consoles, mobile devices, and PCs, the controller uses Bluetooth rather than the Xbox Wireless Adapter, which is not included with the device.

The controller has a few significant upgrades over the Xbox standard design, and it connects to its charging station via a unique magnetic interface. In particular, Razer emphasizes the usage of impulse analog triggers, which should result in a more dynamic and accurate gaming experience overall. It is presently unknown whether this new controller SKU can block bullets in the event that it is necessary, despite the fact that certain Razer devices can.

It is important to note that Razer’s latest limited-edition controller is still primarily a standard wireless Xbox Series controller. It lacks features as compared to Microsoft’s Elite options, and even on PC, the impending PS5 DualSense Edge will have far greater capabilities. However, there are many worse options available for gamers looking for a tried-and-true controller that performs practically everything correctly.