Teased For The Game Awards: New Crash Bandicoot Announcement

If a recent teaser from a commercial campaign is correct, a new Crash Bandicoot game may be revealed at The Game Awards.

Influencers have been given rewards to encourage the imminent Crash Bandicoot 4 Steam release.This present is what seems to be a pizza box with labeling indicating the October 18 PC release date of Crash 4. However, a little nuance hidden on the box appears to be hinting at an extra surprise.

A little advertisement for a new “Wumpa Pizza” priced at $12.08 is also printed on the box. Coincidentally, this cost falls on December 8, the same day as this year’s Game Awards. It has been suggested as a result that this is for a brand-new Crash announcement.

Wumpa League is the name of a potential future Crash Bandicoot game that has been mentioned online by fans. In order to support the internet rumors, game developer Toys for Bob has been hinting at a new title since early this year.

Toys for Bob revived Crash Bandicoot with It’s About Time, a well-received, sequel/reboot of the original Crash trilogy created by Naughty Dog.

Along with practically every other Activision studio, Toys For Bob has contributed to Call of Duty, but the group is also working on something for themselves, which many people think is a new Crash game.

In any case, we won’t learn what this new Wumpa Pizza is until after The Game Awards.