This year’s PLAYCON Summit will take place over the first two days on Thursday, November 30th, and Friday, December 1st, bringing together a distinguished line-up of speakers from both local and international backgrounds. This event will provide a valuable platform for these industry leaders to exchange knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving realm of interactive technologies.

Throughout the Summit, delegates can anticipate captivating discussions covering a broad range of topics and can eagerly anticipate enlightening keynote speeches that aim to bridge the gap between the game development, esports and the emerging technologies industries, fostering a spirit of collaboration and synergy.


The B2B Pass for PLAYCON 2023 gives you access to the full range of business networking and matchmaking opportunities at the event. In addition to the Summit and Meet to Match platform, you’ll also get invites to Networking Events, access to the GTR Startup Pitch Competition, and access to set meetings.

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An Introduction to Virtual Cinematography and Animated Content with Unreal Engine

Step into the exciting world of Stargate Studios Malta and discover how Unreal Engine can be utilised to create animated content efficiently and across a multitude of mediums and platforms. During the two-hour session and with the aid of a project showcase, attendees will be briefly guided through the following topics: 
  • The basics of Unreal Engine and the strengths of real-time rendering 
  • The creative and production process of planning a scene
  • Co-ordinating the performance capture shoot 
  • Building the virtual environment and connecting all the various components
  • Cinematography and sequences
  • Animation and clean-up
  • Lighting and FX
  • The rendering process
  • The post-render workflow
Stargate Studios Malta

Mosta Technopark, Mosta

Summit Day 1 - Thursday 30th November

Registration & Seating

Opening Remarks by Host

PLAYCON 2023: Where Imagination Takes Center Stage

Ivan Filletti

CEO, GamingMalta

Opening Address

Hon. Silvio Schembri

Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands

Gaming Innovations & Emerging Technologies + Fan Engagement = Where Are The ROIs?

Michael Quintana

Innovation Strategic Advisor: Next Gen Fan Engagement & Entertainment

Seaside Chat

Michael Quintana

Innovation Strategic Advisor: Next Gen Fan Engagement & Entertainment

Unleashing Potential: Growing Your Games Business in Malta

Sponsored by Grant Thornton
Dan Licari

Games Industry Broker

Virain Hariramani

Executive Transactive Advisory Services, Grant Thornton

George Bugeja

Senior Executive – Internationalisation, MCST

Ivan Filletti

CEO, GamingMalta

Melanie Debattista

Head FDI: Digital Innovation, Malta Enterprise

Our National Nexus: The Value of Fostering Connections Within the Malta Game Dev Community

Hosted by ODIN Malta
Luke Ambrogio

Director of Technology Solutions, EPAM

Francesco Sapio

CEO & Lead Programmer, Red Hog Studio

Juney Dijkstra

Development Director, External Development, Electronic Arts

Nick Porsche

Founder & Managing Director, Dorado Games

Christopher Mifsud

Founder & Creative Director, Play On Words

The Intersection of Industries

Gary Boyle

Senior Partner Engineer, Unity

Gaming the Investment Game: From Angels to VCs

Sponsored by KPMG
Ryan Mizzi

Director Deal Advisory Services, KPMG

Jon Heiner

Co-founder, Giant Games Fund

Pontus Mähler

Chief Strategy Officer, Global Top Round

Mark Cochrane

Founder, Electric Manta

Unraveling the Online Realm: Balancing Cloud Resources and Bare Metal Servers in MMOs and Multiplayer Universes

Michiel Mikx

Director of Sales, i3D.net

Stefan Ideler

CTO, i3D.net

Game Changers: AI Revolutionizing the World of Video Games

Olle Pridiuksson

Founder, GameDev Camp

Prof. Alexiei Dingli

Professor of AI, Faculty of ICT, University of Malta

Petra Kolesarova

CEO, Voice AI

Ganna Ivanicheva

Localization Testing Unit Head, EPAM

Shaping The World Behind Gameplay: Esports Events as Catalysts for Global Branding and City Transformation

Jaap Visser

Managing Director, ESL Benelux

Closing Remarks

Business Lunch

Summit Day 2 - Friday 1st December

Registration & Seating

Opening Remarks by Host

META: Developer State of the Union

Melissa Brown

Head of Developer Relations, Meta

Beyond Pixels: Navigating the Future with Emerging Tech

Luke Evans

Senior Client Partner, EMEA Games, Unity

Taylor Freeman

Co-Founder, Axon Park

Martyn Hughes

Co-Founder & CEO, MetaverseME

Melissa Brown

Head of Developer Relations, Meta

John Keefe

Co-founder & Director, Draw & Code

Breaking Barriers, Shaping Worlds: Dismantling Stereotypes in Gaming Culture

Charly Harbord

Director of Partnerships, Global Game Jam

Cherié Karlsson

Partnerships Manager, GXC

Katleen Evers

VP, Publisher & Developer Relations, Pingle

Patty Toledo

Chief Partnerships Officer, PLAYSENSE

Reese Wright

Senior Producer, Devolver Digital

Beyond Games: Crafting the Future of Interactive Cinema

Simay Dinc

Co-founder, Recontact Games

Bridging Realms: Exploring the Synergies Between Film and Video Games

Sponsored by Creative Europe Desk Malta
Matthew Pulis

Lead Motion Control Engineer, Marvel Studios UK

Andrey Evdokimov

Cinematic Animation Director, Sperasoft Malta

Simay Dinc

Co-founder, Recontact Games

Francis Ghersci

Head of Creative, Stargate Studios Malta

Stephen Dullaghan

Director, Rupture Studios

The Power Play: Esports and Gaming Agency Dynamics in a Competitive World

Sinead Hosey

Co-Founder & COO, Epic Global Agency

Michael Stafford

Commercial Director, Epic Global Agency

Closing Remarks

Business Lunch

Networking Events

Official B2B Party