PLAYCON, the premier Video Games Expo in Malta, presents a comprehensive platform where industry stakeholders unite to showcase their finest offerings. This event facilitates discussions and interactions to shape the future of video games and esports, all conveniently housed in a single venue.

Malta is resolute in its ambitions to establish itself as a prominent hub for video game development and esports, not only within the Mediterranean region but also across Europe. The video game industry has already surpassed the combined scale of the film and music industries.

PLAYCON offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both gaming enthusiasts and newcomers to immerse themselves in this thrilling era of video gaming. It unlocks fresh prospects for the economy, empowers the younger generation, and contributes to the growth of the local community.

The Malta Fairs and Convention Center (MFCC) is a premier exhibition and conference venue located in the small Mediterranean island nation of Malta. It is one of the largest and most modern event venues in the country and serves as a hub for a wide range of trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and other events. 

MFCC is situated in Ta’ Qali, which is centrally located in Malta, making it easily accessible from different parts of the island. It is approximately 15 minutes away from the capital city of Valletta and enjoys good connectivity to major transportation routes.


Enjoy a 5,000 square meter expo space filled with high-caliber displays by local and international game publishers and developers, as well as informational booths and gaming experiences from the biggest names in the video games and esports industries.


Intense esports competitions aimed at both casual and hardcore gamers that demonstrate what the esports world is all about. Compete in some of the world’s best and most popular videogames to test your skills.


Participation from international speakers will be part of the summits, featuring a number of keynote addresses and discussion panels on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1.


Expect to immerse yourself in various experiences, learn about upcoming tech and trends in the sector from various informational booths and enjoy gaming experiences from the biggest names in the video games and esports industries.


Cosplayers will be showcasing their talents and impressive costumes throughout the weekend while interacting with patrons. Search for your favourite characters and be sure to snap a photo or two for your social media page.


Free-to-play areas with a variety of games will be available for everyone to enjoy throughout the weekend. If you wish to enjoy a quick game with family and friends in a relaxing environment, then you’ll surely find something to enjoy.