About the Contest

As an entrepreneur, we understand that you’ve likely pitched your game to a variety of stakeholders, including investors, publishers, and grant companies. Perhaps you’ve experienced some setbacks and rejections, or maybe you’ve already achieved some success. 

Either way, we believe that our upcoming workshop can be of great value to you. The focus of the pitching contest is to help fine-tune your company and your game so that you can pitch the right ideas and models to the right people. Whether you’re a new indie developer, a medium-sized startup, or an established business looking to grow, this contest is designed to help you achieve your goals. 

By participating in this pitching contest, you’ll come away as a smarter entrepreneur with fresh ideas and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. We believe it will be a great opportunity for you to learn, grow, and connect with other professionals in the industry.


Pitching studios will have the chance to win one G.Round private playtest voucher ($7,500 worth)

Comprehensive PLAYCON 2024 package, featuring flights from any EU location and accommodations for two individuals. This incredible bundle holds a value of $7,500

About Global Top Round

Global Top Round is a global game startup accelerator whose mission is to support small studios from all over the world with development, publishing, and fundraising. Since 2015, Global Top Round has supported over 60+ game studios worldwide via their GTR Accelerator program, which sees 10 new games added every year.

Global Top Round works with a worldwide network of Publishers including Amazon Games, Kwalee, Perfect World, Focus Entertainment, 505 games, Ubisoft and Investors like NCSOFT, NEOWIZ, LINE Games, ColoplNext amongst others.

They have frequently provided pitching competitions, workshops and entrepreneurial education in various countries. Collaborating with countries such as Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore & more. They are now coming to Malta to help YOU as a startup in various areas that will be to your benefit.

About G.Round

G.Round is a community-driven playtesting platform providing PC games in development with in-depth user ratings and feedback, making game development easier and more efficient.

G.Round is on a mission to help independent game developers publish amazing titles, and YOU are critical to our story.

The members of G.Round are an elite playtesting force that provide critical, early feedback to indie games devs to help them create more compelling titles.

What do you gain?

Exposure and Networking

An opportunity to showcase your game to a wider audience. We'll send your pitch to GTR's global network of 100+ partners and 600+ publishers/investors.

Feedback and Validation

Industry expert attending the event can offer valuable feedback, helping you refine and validate your game concept and design.

Recognition and Credibility

Winning or even being a participant in a pitching contest can enhance your game's credibility and attract attention from players and publishers alike.

Learning Opportunities

The process of preparing and delivering a pitch helps you hone your communication skills and learn how to present your game effectively to different audiences.

Media Coverage

Successful participation can attract media coverage, increasing awareness and interest in your game

Potential Funding and Partnerships

Winning or performing well can open doors to potential funding opportunities and partnerships with investors or publishers.

Terms & Conditions

  • Call for applications closes on 15th October 2023 – The application process is open to all interested individuals, regardless of nationality or background.
  • Applications will be vetted and shortlisted – Our team of experts will carefully review each application and select the 15 most promising candidates to move forward to the next stage of the selection process.
  • Discounted Package for PLAYCON 2023 – Shortlisted participants will be given an option for a discounted package at PLAYCON 2023 with the below details:
    • Stand Space – 2m by 2m
    • Custom Branding and Printing – 2m by 2.5m
    • Carpeting – 2m by 2m
    • General Lightning and Electrical Socket
    • 2 x Counters
    • 2 x PC Systems with Monitors and Peripherals
    • Network Supply
    • Public Liability Coverage
    • 2 Summit Invites
    • Listing on PLAYCON Website
    • Professional Photos
    • Social Media Promotion
  • Winning Pitch – The winning pitch will win a G.Round private playtest voucher worth $7,500 and also a comprehensive package for PLAYCON 2024, including flights from any EU location and accommodation in a 4-star or higher resort for two individuals.