Expo24 attendees get a taste of esports thanks to Ekonomija’s Esports Showcase

Expo24 organised by the Public Service featured participation from all government Ministries, including the Office of the Prime Minister, with various departments, directorates and entities showcasing their services. A large number of activities took place, including exhibitions, competitions, and attractions for the whole family.

As one of the various stands at the expo, Ekonomija provided a unique and engaging attraction for attendees, an Esports Showcase. The showcase offered a variety of activities that immersed visitors in the world of videogames, more specifically EA FC 24, regardless of age or experience.

First Touch for Everyone: Anyone, from seasoned esports athletes to curious newcomers, could grab a controller and test their skills in EA FC 24. The fast-paced action and realistic gameplay proved that esports can be a fun and engaging activity for everyone.

Goal Rush! Putting Accuracy to the Test: The showcase wasn’t just about playing; it was about friendly competition! A thrilling Goal Competition saw players battle it out for bragging rights and exciting prizes) by showcasing their goal prowess.

Witnessing Champions Crowned: The undisputed highlight was the live viewing of the EA FC 24 Tournament finals. The tension was thick as the top 16 dueled for the ultimate prize: not only the coveted champion title, but also a brand new PlayStation 5.

By offering a combination of hands-on play, exhilarating competitions, and live esports action, Ekonomija successfully showcased the world of EA FC 24 and ignited a passion for competitive gaming among expo attendees.