Twitch addresses the debate over the new revenue plan

Twitch has responded to the criticism at TwitchCon after recently announcing changes to the way it paysits top streamers.

An official from Twitch addressed to the approaching contentious income plan, which will see payments change from the current 70/30 split, during this year’s TwitchCon. Although content producers may use alternative streaming platforms like YouTube, the Amazon-owned service is unquestionably the most well-liked one worldwide, making it the first choice for many aspiring streamers. As a result, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s implementation of the new payment system, which is expected to result in higher earners receiving less money.

Twitch often updates its website. One recent modification was the addition of the elevated chat function, which allows messages to be pushed to the top for 30 seconds so the presenter is more likely to notice them. However, there have also been upgrades and policy changes that have left many people with a bitter taste in their mouths. The decision to change the way the firm rewards its top earners is just one more that many are contesting.

The streaming service had the chance to address the impending payment system, which many users are worried about, during the most recent TwitchCon event. When asked about the reactions to the adjustments during the convention in San Diego, Twitch’s chief monetization officer, Mike Minton, said that the firm could not continue with the 70/30 split. Before addressing the fact that Amazon, one of the richest firms in the world, wants the broadcasting site to operate as a “independent” business, he stated that it was simply “not feasible” in the long run.

The blog article that started the commotion was published in September. Twitch revealed in it that it will be altering the way it divides earnings, particularly for content producers who make more than $100,000. Even though the majority of streamers are expected to stay below this level, there has been a lot of protest over the move, especially from individuals who rely on streaming as a viable source of income. Once this amount has been collected, the site will share the revenue 50/50 rather than 70/30.

Some creators who work in the field of streaming make thousands of dollars for their work. Most of them often participate to have a little fun or make new acquaintances. The possibility of missing out on money is concerning for people who want to advance by joining Twitch, for example. But it doesn’t appear like the platform will renege on its plans for the future adjustments.