Unhappy with the current state of FIFA 23, fans are leaving negative reviews

Fans are venting their displeasure online as FIFA 23 reviews are bombing. Although FIFA 23’s Ultimate Edition became available on September 27, the game’s official release date was September 30. The Ultimate Team mode is the main focus of this edition of the game, which also includes a variety of bonus cards that cannot be traded and 4,600 FIFA Points.

With the help of new HyperMotion 2 technology, FIFA 23 seeks to provide gamers with a more accurate and realistic gaming experience. It also included new kinds of acceleration mechanisms based on a player’s real-life qualities and over 6,000 HyperMotion-capable animations. FIFA 23 was released to mainly favorable reviews, however it appears that some players are not satisfied with this year’s game.

Players who are dissatisfied with FIFA 23 are leaving bad ratings on Metacritic to express their feelings. Critics gave it a score of 77, which is considered to be generally positive. However, the user rating is presently just 2.5, which is a significant decline from its critical rating. Most of the comments are rather basic, with some people feeling that FIFA 23 isn’t much better than FIFA 22, while others think it doesn’t accurately portray the sport.

A lot of criticism is also being leveled at the game’s use of microtransactions and pay-to-win strategies. This seems to be the standard for the FIFA series, since earlier games have received negative reviews for a variety of factors. The user rating will need to be reopened in FIFA 17 for it to shift from unfavorable to mixed.

Review bombing is not just happening on Metacritic, though, since FIFA 23 has a “Mostly Negative” score on Steam right now. However, it appears that the new anti-cheat mechanism is the main target of criticism since it prevents people from enjoying the game. Many players note that they purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition with the intention of playing the game three days early but that they were unable to do so owing to issues with the anti-cheat program. Others contend that the PC version of the game is not properly optimized.

This year, a lot of games received negative reviews for a variety of reasons, and FIFA 23 is the newest entry on this list. Even well-received titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring received negative reviews, though most people had good reasons for doing so. In the case of FIFA 23, there appears to be a combination of PC anti-cheat problems and complaints from the audience that have been accumulating for years.