Square Enix Announces Triangle Strategy’s Steam Release Date

Triangle Strategy, a Nintendo Switch-only tactical strategy-RPG, will be available this month on the Steam PC platform, according to Square Enix. This RPG, which is comparable to Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy Tactics or Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, was first launched earlier this year. Team Asano, the same studio that made Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, developed this game. It received largely positive reviews after its debut and was acclaimed for its sophisticated tale, complex tactical elements, and precise plot-branching pathways.

The fact that the game is coming to PC is hardly surprising given the very enthusiastic response. Soon after their original debuts and exclusivity on the Switch, both Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default 2 received PC versions to Steam. The Octopath Traveler video game itself is now available on a variety of systems, including the Xbox. Triangle Strategy is no exception, and it will be available on the PC platform this month, following the same trend.

Square Enix made this announcement via its official Twitter account. It said that fans wouldn’t have to wait long to obtain this port for themselves and provided the date of its official release. On October 13, Triangle Strategy will be released on the PC, which means that there will be less than two weeks between its announcement and its availability. In addition, gamers who pre-order the game on Steam will receive a 10% discount that will last just until the game’s release.