Luke Skywalker might feature in the upcoming Star Wars crossover for Fortnite

Star Wars and Fortnite have collaborated on projects before. But the kinship endures, much like its connection to Marvel. In fact, there have been a few signs that the next Star Wars crossover is rapidly approaching and that Luke Skywalker may make an appearance on the island.

The release of the season four teaser ignited the anticipation for Luke’s arrival. The Jedi was allegedly seen floating in a bacta tank, according to several gamers. Epic Games has neither confirmed nor denied that, but the devoted data mining team behind the game has strengthened the idea that it may indeed be Luke floating there waiting for the proper moment to enter The Loop.

Hypex has provided other indications that Luke will join Fortnite. According to Hypex, Epic is preparing several Star Wars challenges that will be released at some point in season four. However, two new lightsabers found in Fortnite’s files are the clearest sign Luke will appear in the next crossover.

If these incredibly revealing reports are to be believed, not only will Luke make his Fortnite debut, but lightsabers will also make a comeback. When they appear in Fortnite, lightsabers are very popular weapons, and codenames in the game’s archives suggest Luke’s lightsabers from A New Hope and Return of the Jedi will be accessible this time.

Because there isn’t a compelling reason for Star Wars and Fortnite to collaborate in season 4, everything above should be taken with a grain of salt. In order to coincide with the release of Obi-Wan on Disney Plus, light sabers made a comeback and new series characters were introduced. It feels like it’s already too late to work together to honor Andor, and it would be strange to include Luke in that situation anyhow. The Mandalorian’s third season, which premieres in February 2023, will be the next Star Wars television program to air after that.