Newest Sonic Frontiers Demo Receives Widespread Acclaim

This week, Sonic Frontiers has been playable at EGX in London. This was one of the largest public demos of the game before to its debut in November, along with Gamescom. In Sonic Team’s attempt to change public perception following a less-than-stellar marketing campaign over the summer led to many demanding for the game to be delayed, it was also vital. It appears to have all paid off now.

Over the weekend at EGX, Sonic Frontiers was well-received. Many people said they were pleasantly pleased by the gameplay demo. Players that are enthusiastic about Frontiers and eager to give the franchise another opportunity are everywhere on Twitter, including both seasoned Sonic fans and blue blur beginners. We’ll have to wait and see how this converts.

Despite having a really unimpressive appearance, Sonic Frontiers is reportedly a ton of fun to run about in.

Sonic’s new Cyloop ability, which mixes up the routine battles of repeating the homing strike, has won appreciation for the fighting as well.

The levels in cyberspace are the only area of disagreement. These are 2D levels that are chock-full of references to Sonic’s earlier journeys. Fans, however, perceive them to be less nostalgic and more repetitious, especially given that Green Hill Zone appears in almost every Sonic game.

Despite this, others contend that the heightened momentum, which recent games have lacked, has rescued them. It appears that going up a hill will slow you down, which is a significant shift for the series and certainly one of the most often asked-for features by fans.