Unveiling the 2022 Top YouTube Streamers

The Top 10 YouTube Streamers of 2022, according to analytics firm Stream Hatchet, have just been revealed. While some of the names are not particularly shocking, a few surprise content producers are dominating the charts.

With around 38.5 million hours seen in 2022, the wildly popular and frequently contentious live streamer IShowSpeed earned the top place. The Japanese Virtual YouTuber Kuzuha, who finished in second with roughly 27.4 million hours, is significantly behind this achievement, which is astounding in and of itself. TimTheTatman, an American YouTuber, is in second place with 26.6 million hours watched.

DrDisRespect, who recently made waves by making fun of the most popular American Twitch channels, received roughly 25.2 million hours of viewing. He now occupied the position of fourth, barely in front of the Japanese VTuber Pekora and her 23.3 million hours. With 22.5 million livestream hours, YouTuber and esports analyst Ludwig came in sixth, and Indonesian YouTuber Windah Basudara, with 21.9 million hours, came in seventh. With 20.9 million hours watched, Spanish gaming YouTuber Vegetta777 came in eighth, just ahead of Miko of Japan, who had 20.7 million hours. Last but not least, Spanish YouTuber DjMaRiiO claimed tenth place with 20.4 million hours watched.