Major Update for PS5 rumoured to Add Discord Integration and Cloud Streaming

Two significant updates to the PlayStation 5 are rumoured to be released soon by Sony, firstly the complete integration of Discord and also the functionality of cloud streaming for PS5 titles. Since the PS5’s release, Sony has released a number of significant updates that enhance both the UI as well as add new functionality to the console.In 2022, the PS5’s update 6.00 was released, introducing support for 1440p displays and Game Lists to help users better organize their games. These significant changes only occur occasionally, usually to improve stability.

According to Insider Gaming sources, the PlayStation 5 system software update 7.00 is scheduled for March 8, 2023. The same sources leaked the 2022 release date for Discord on the PS5, and the alleged launch schedule appears to be unaltered. Before exploring the other components of this release, fans should be aware that it’s best to treat any rumors or leaks with caution.