Maltese Indie Developer Releasing Game On PlayStation And Nintendo

Ryan Portelli, a young Maltese game developer, is making strides in the Indie Game Scene and is soon set to release his very own video game on mainstream consoles.

While his game developing journey started from a young age, in 2020 he setup Steelkrill Studio, an independent 3D video game studio, publisher and asset developer focusing mostly on computer games and assets for developers that will drastically speed up time for game development.

The most famous title in the studio’s repertoire is surely Trenches, a World War 1 first person horror survival game where the player is caught behind enemy lines and has to survive and escape the harsh war-torn environment. Players will need to navigate the horrors equipped with only their senses and a trench whistle, find clues to better understand and escape the enemy trenches without being caught.

Following the success since the launch of the game on Steam, Ryan has progressed on his dream and is now fine-tuning the game for release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 as well as on Nintendo.