PlayStation confirms game-based Gravity Rush movie

A Gravity Rush movie based on the 2012 action-adventure game has officially begun production, according to PlayStation Production and Scott Free Productions. According to Dice, the film will be directed by Anna Mastro, while Emily Jerome is writing the script.

The video game Project Siren, created by Japan Studio and released by Sony, served as the inspiration for the movie Gravity Rush. Players assume Kat’s role in the game, a young woman with no memory but the power to control gravity. She confronts the Nevi monsters and utilizes her abilities to defend the residents of Hekseville.

As of yet, the producer of the Gravity Rush film has not been announced. Additionally, it is uncertain whether Sony will release and distribute the movie. However, Sony is probably going to be engaged because it is Sony’s intellectual property.

Gravity Rush – The Game

Although the Gravity Rush video games were moderately popular, they are now regarded as a forgotten masterpiece. By allowing players to fly around utilizing Kat’s gravity skills with almost no restrictions, the series at the time stretched the frontiers of gaming. The games have held up well over time because to its open-game structure and somewhat anime-inspired graphics. Even if there hasn’t been a new game in the series since Gravity Rush 2 in 2017, let’s hope the series returns to consoles as well.