HBO Releases first footage of ‘The Last of Us’ Series’

The network’s new television series “The Last of Us,” which is based on the well-known video game franchise of the same name, has debuted its first trailer on HBO. Although brief, the footage offers viewers their first glimpse of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in action as Joel and Ellie, two post-apocalyptic survivors, respectively.

Ellie sneers in the video, “Everyone I’ve loved has either died or left me.”

You don’t know what loss is, Joel says icily.

The video shows Joel and Ellie negotiating a snowy bridge, staring into a potentially hazardous fungus, tinkering with a sideview mirror, and basically trying to survive a rather hopeless circumstance. Additionally, viewers get their first glance at Nick Offerman in the role of Bill, who teams up with Joel and Ellie in the original video game in an uneasy alliance.

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, co-presidents of Naughty Dog, the video game studio responsible for the original series, co-created and co-executively produced “The Last of Us.” Executive producers include Rose Lam, Carter Swan, Asad Qizilbash, Evan Wells, and Carolyn Strauss. Co-producing the show is Sony Pictures Television. Word Games, The Mighty Mint, Naughty Dog, and PlayStation Productions are among the producers.

Check out the released footage: