The PS5 finally gets a much-awaited feature

Game players with an organizational bent, rejoice: You can now group your PS5 titles into specific folders. The new capability, along with support for 1440p resolution and a few other quality-of-life enhancements, is included in the most recent firmware update.

Earlier today, a new system software update for the PS5 went online. It includes features that were originally teased during a summer beta test. All of them may now enjoy them as the testing is over.

The PlayStation Blog’s highlights are listed below:

  • 1440p HDMI video output on TVs and monitors that support it
  • Folders, or as Sony calls them, “gamelists”
  • Search YouTube using voice commands
  • Launch Remote Play directly through the PS App
  • Option to send Share Requests to friends
  • Notifications to join friends’ games more easily from party chat