The 2022 Battle Pass for DOTA 2 goes live

The Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 2022 has been revised to incorporate additional content and a new schedule that will continue until the actual tournament in October.

The new Claszian Apostasy Faceless Void Arcana, which depicts the formerly loyal Acolyte of Clasz renouncing his faith and “taking a portion of power from his god’s incomprehensible vastness,” will finally be available to players as part of the Battle Pass. This has fully new materials, animations, voice lines, and more, as always.

A new Razor Arcana, the Voidstorm Asylum, and the Crystal Maiden Conduit of the Blueheart Persona have also been hinted at by Valve as being included in the second Battle Pass installment. In addition, Primal Beast will shortly receive a prestige package, while Phantom Assassin will acquire a new Persona.

For Centaur Warrunner, Enchantress, Templar Assassin, and other characters, new Immortals items are now available. A second set will be released in part two of the Battle Pass.

Since the 2022 Battle Pass will be the first to include two portions that go right through TI10 and beyond, Valve is attempting a number of novel strategies with it. In the upcoming weeks and months, further details on part two will be released, along with a revised Diretide season and skins like Cavern Crawl.