OpenAI’s ChatGPT creates playable videogame in just 60 seconds

The ability to create a complete, fully working game’s code with ChatGPT-4 means that the future has already arrived. Making simple games could herald a new age in game development as Microsoft’s OpenAI appears to have taken its machine learning chatbot to new heights.

AI developer Pietro Schirano posted his interaction with the bot shortly after GPT-4 launched, successfully reproducing the well-known Pong game in less than 60 seconds with just a few simple instructions. He first instructed the program to aid him in writing code, after which it was instructed to use one particular program to build a version of Pong using the best coding language available. The code and a completely playable game were written by ChatGPT-4 on the first try.

Some questioned whether the earlier iteration of ChatGPT could accomplish this in the comments, and Schirano responded that it had a number of issues and required thorough debugging, which took some time. Now, it might do the task on the first try. Schirano was also successful in his single attempt at making the iconic Breakout game, which was requested by another user. While there are other applications for ChatGPT in gaming, they were not previously used to swiftly construct entire games instead of just little changes.

Check out the video posted by Pietro Schirano showcasing this remarkable feat: