Ubisoft announces three new titles as part of its push into mobile gaming

In the world of mobile gaming, developers have recently made greater and more noticeable strides. As mobile gaming gains popularity, more developers are stepping forward to provide engaging mobile gaming experiences. Mobile esports have been growing in value and popularity for some time, but now game makers are aiming to create apps that offer whole adventures to portable devices.

At the famous showcase event Ubisoft Forward, the creator unveiled three all-new titles coming to portable platforms. It was nearly out of proportion when Ubisoft announced that three of its most popular titles, including the flagship Assassin’s Creed series, would be coming to smartphones. We’ll have completely functional mobile versions of Assassin’s Creed, The Division, and Rainbow Six within the upcoming year.

Although this isn’t Ubisoft’s first effort into the smartphone industry, these titles are expected to be the finest ones yet. A rather ambitious and audacious amount of material, including an open-world, completely customizable Assassin’s Creed experience beyond anything fans have ever seen before, was unveiled at Ubisoft Forward. Ubisoft’s attempt to enter the industry makes sense given that mobile gaming is essentially the most accessible type of gaming and has the potential to have billions of consumers.

Other businesses have also begun to enter the market, such Sony, which acquired the mobile-first developer Savage Game Studios at the end of August. Mobile gaming has evolved over the years from a parody subject to an industry-leading niche, and certain mobile experiences are even more value than popular console-based releases. Additionally, mobile esports have developed to the point that they are now equally as popular as traditional esports, if not more so.

Ubisoft made the following announcements at the ‘UbiForward’ event:

  • Rainbow Six Mobile: A free-to-play, multiplayer-based first-person shooter that’s almost identical to Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The Division: Resurgence: A ‘AAA experience’ set in New York City – an open-world title boasting PvP modes.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade: An open-world Assassin’s Creed experience in which the protagonist is designed entirely by the player.

A tantalizing variety of games are available, and as mobile gaming technology develops, the adventures are becoming just as unforgettable as those found in the “conventional gaming” sector.