The first game in a “second Witcher saga” will be The Witcher 4

Beyond The Witcher 4, CD Projekt Red intends to create several additional Witcher games as it extends the franchise into a second tale.

CEO Adam Kiciski outlined the studio’s ambitions for The Witcher 4 during CD Projekt’s most recent earnings call. The publisher is already planning for sequels even though the upcoming Witcher game is still in its very early stages of production.

A new tale will begin, Kiciski said. “Right now, we’re pre-producing this saga’s first game, but we have more in mind. Since the original serial consisted of three games, we are now considering many games.

The Witcher 4 developer CD Projekt stated in the game’s announcement that it will begin “a new narrative in the franchise.” In addition to correlating with that tease, Kiciski’s remarks help us anticipate the details of this new story.

The second saga will comprise a number of full-fledged games rather than just a new game with several expansions or a new primary title with minor spin-offs. A new trilogy may be in the works given that Kiciski has compared the impending second book in the Witcher tale to the first.

Although there are still many conceivable routes for the potential trilogy, at least one significant enigma has already been resolved. A medallion is seen buried in the snow in the lone teaser picture for The Witcher 4. It turns out that the medallion wasn’t just any medallion, but a Lynx-shaped necklace, almost guaranteeing that the forthcoming game would center around a brand-new Witcher academy.