The new heroes in Overwatch 2 won’t be free

Fans of Overwatch 2 may need to grind their way to the newest characters when it comes on October 4. The marketing head for Overwatch, Jon Spector, tweeted that “new Overwatch 2 characters will be available on the free track of the Battle Pass,” suggesting that new heroes will be gated behind battle pass progression.

The Watchpoint Pack in Overwatch 2 is a buyable content package that offers purchasers a variety of perks, including skins, in-game money, and access to the season 1 premium battle pass, according to Spector’s tweet.

According to the description on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit, Kiriko, the newest hero from Overwatch 2, is available to premium battle pass holders.

Later, the information regarding Kiriko and the premium battle pass were removed from the description of the Watchpoint Pack. Spector’s tweet appears to clarify that new heroes would indeed be locked behind battle pass advancement, but on the free track rather than the premium one, even though the original text has been deleted.