Dead Island 2 to be released in February 2023

A new teaser that concluded the Opening Night Live display at Gamescom has confirmed the leak that surfaced on Amazon last week regarding the release of Dead Island 2 in February of next year, which has been a very long time coming.

The tone, which combines horror with silly, violent comedy, isn’t too far from that used to advertise Dead Island 2 back in 2014. Due to the fact that it will be situated in Los Angeles and have a “pulpy and irreverent tone,” Dead Island 2 is a legitimate homage to “great cult Hollywood horror B-movies.”

Jacob, one of the six playable characters in Dead Island 2 may be seen in the cinematic reveal trailer. Each character will be distinct in personality and conversation, and players will be able to customize their skills thanks to a brand-new ability system that allows for fast respecs. This is crucial since the goal of the game is to eliminate zombies in novel and intriguing ways.

Dead Island 2’s gameplay is all about experimenting with your preferred zombie-slaying methods, just kind of going nuts. It’s a combat toybox of close-quarters melee brutality, with a few guns for fun.”

Khan, Lead Narrative Designer

Dead Island 2 will enable co-op play for up to three players in addition to solo play. Check out the cinematic trailer: