Sportflare is the new name for Tiidal Gaming

The Toronto-based gaming and esports firm Tiidal Gaming has revealed plans to change its name to Sportsflare and sell the assets of its esports teams.

The corporation wants to concentrate solely on its technology sector after the divestment. This will be done specifically through its esports betting solutions company Sportsflare. It’s anticipated that the makeover will go into effect by the end of the year.

Tiidal Gaming is the parent business of Sportsflare as well as Lazarus Esports, a Canadian esports team with lineups in Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, Gran Turismo, and a variety of other games.

Through a partnership with esports data supplier Bayes Esports, the firm has already made it known that its primary goal is to concentrate on creating a suite of esports odds products.

Additionally, Tiidal Gaming chose to change its strategic course, according to the announcement. The business just released its “Flash Markets” solution and is considering business potential in emerging markets like skill-based gambling.

Sportsflare created a number of esports betting solutions prior to the rebranding, as well as additional solutions for the market, such as Player Proposition Markets for Dota 2 and Betbuilders.

We have decided to put our undivided attention behind Sportsflare given the opportunity at hand and the amazing progress we have made with our esports betting products during the year. As we continue to scale, our focus will be to not only grow our technology portfolio but also, expand the distribution of our solutions to a wider audience globally in order to strengthen our footprint in the fast-growing esports industry.

Tom Hearne, CEO of Tiidal Gaming