Death Knight may be the next class in Hearthstone

While a new expansion, mini-set, or even a new tribe in the game are fairly thrilling, nothing is more exciting for Hearthstone players than the arrival of a brand-new class. It’s right, you read that correctly. The Death Knight may be a brand-new class that debuts in this year’s third expansion, according to a reliable leaker.

While the euphoria may last for a minute or two when people read something this amazing online, it does not take long for them to recognize that the leak is probably phony. However, Jez Corden, the editor of Windows Central, has a history of receiving several leaks from reliable sources, which has us and some of the top Hearthstone players very eager for this one.

Is this all or is there more on the cards?

Jez Corden also claims that the keyword Reborn will return and that it will be a return that remains around in addition to the Death Knight becoming a new class. Since wild is not regarded as a feature that you will encounter frequently, those who played Hearthstone during Saviors of Uldum may recall when this concept was originally introduced.