Vitality crowned champions of ESL Pro League Season 16

All eyes were on Malta this evening as Team Liquid and Vitality went head-to-head in the Grand Final of the ESL Pro League Season 16, one of the biggest competitions in esports globally.

The match started out pretty even, with Liquid dominating Inferno 16 to 7 after losing only two rounds on their defensive side, while Vitality showed their prowess on Dust2, winning by an identical scoreline. Map 3 went Liquid’s way by the thinnest of margins, as after three overtimes, Liquid managed to win three rounds in a row on CT side and close it off once the sides switched.

Map 4 proved to be another spectacle as Overpass was again decided in overtime, this time however in Vitality’s favour. The European team were actually the first to secure 15 rounds, but slight tactical misjudgments put Team Liquid back in the game, forcing yet another overtime.

All was then decided on Vertigo – a brilliant start by Vitality gave them enough momentum to reach the magical 16 rounds and lift the winner’s trophy for this year’s season of ESL Pro League.