Xbox Elite Series 2 faces competition from the PS5 DualSense Edge

Gamers have praised the DualSense controller since the PlayStation 5 system debuted in 2020, but Sony doesn’t seem content to rely only on its popularity. Sony unveiled the DualSense Edge, a high-end controller designed to compete with the Xbox Elite controller line, at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. The DualSense Edge is prepared to compete for that top place thanks to an amazing feature set added on top of the standard DualSense controller’s packed with capabilities.

Since the DualSense Edge’s introduction, Sony has been glad to discuss the controller’s extensive feature set but has been far less eager to provide details like the DualSense Edge’s pricing or release date. Fans most likely won’t be able to take use of the sophisticated features in 2022, but they will have more than enough knowledge about the controller to judge whether the DualSense Edge will be worth their money in the long run.

The DualShock 4 controller that came with the PS4 was already much improved by the DualSense controller that came with the PS5. It included numerous new functions and built on some of the DualShock 4’s finest ideas. When the DualSense controller debuted in 2020, even Xbox CEO Phil Spencer praised it for its amazing and immersive features, which included adjustable triggers that provide gamers with resistance, haptic feedback, and a touchpad with greater in-game capability this time around. Despite the DualSense’s general success, there were a few problems with the controller, such as worries over controller life and a thumb stick issue that led to drifting difficulties akin to those with the Xbox Elite controller.

The dedicated Fn button at the bottom of the controller, which allows customers full on-the-fly capability control over their settings and preferences, is a feature of the DualSense Edge that is exclusive to the Sony brand. Players may swap between previously saved button control profiles while in-game by using the Fn button, as well as adjust the volume and balance of both game and chat audio. For the PlayStation 5 game they’re now playing, users may also build up profiles and button settings in the menu, offering the DualSense Edge a degree of instant flexibility that the Xbox’s Elite controller lacks.

Sony has developed a creative and practical solution to the thumb stick problems that premium controllers have had as a result, providing gamers with the assurance that their controller will last longer. With the DualSense Edge, the interchangeable stick caps in various sizes and textures that are a regular feature of premium controllers may now be used to replace the complete stick module. Replacements are available separately, but the irksome drag of a thumb stick won’t any longer make a player assume they’ll have to wait for a protracted repair period or purchase a new controller.

Not everyone prefers premium controllers, such as the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller or DualSense Edge, and the price point when it is officially released will probably be high. Hardcore gamers, especially those who play PlayStation 5 online games like Overwatch 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where a little additional performance may be the difference between winning and losing, will find button mapping, hair triggers, and customisable sticks appealing. Especially if they are predominantly single-player gamers who would be more likely to utilize the controller for God of War: Ragnarok than FIFA 23 or Battlefield 2042, fans will need to determine whether or not the DualSense Edge pricing is reasonable.