Sony releases a controller for gamers with disabilities

Sony has been adopting accessibility features in its games for a while now, but in terms of accessible hardware, it has fallen behind longtime rival Microsoft. They hope to change that with Project Leonardo, a revolutionary gaming controller designed to be adaptable to the demands of any user.

Onstage, the device was very briefly introduced, but it looks to be a hub with interchangeable parts and plates that users may attach different things to in order to activate different buttons, such as air tubes, pedals, and switches of all types.

Each Project Leonardo UFO-shaped gadget may support an analog joystick in addition to eight buttons, and they can be linked with one another or with a conventional controller to enhance or replace any function. To ensure that it was beneficial to a broad spectrum of users, Sony collaborated with accessibility groups AbleGamers, SpecialEffect, and Stack Up.

Image Credits: Sony