PlayStation introduces an alternative to the Xbox Elite Controller

Gamescom Opening Night Live broadcast featured a surprise hardware reveal from Sony. The DualSense Edge is the “first-ever high-performance, ultra-customizable controller” for the PlayStation 5, and it might compete with the Elite Series 2 controllers from Xbox.

One of the finest PC controllers for gaming may become even more tempting with the new controller’s inclusion of a number of customization possibilities in addition to everything a normal DualSense controller delivers.

On the PS5 DualSense Edge, the buttons may be totally remapped, and dead zones and stick sensitivity can be adjusted. For quicker inputs in shooters, you may even shorten the trigger travel, just as with the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controllers.

There are more similarities between the premium controllers besides just that. Three interchangeable stick caps (normal, high, and low dome) and two sets of back buttons will be included in the packaging for The Edge (low and high dome). In order to avoid having to purchase a brand-new controller if your stick modules become completely worn out, PlayStation will also sell replacement stick modules.