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Intel teases an 8 GHz overclocking world record with its 6 GHz Raptor Lake processor

Raptor Lake can run at 6GHz at standard settings, and Intel has revealed that it has achieved an 8GHz overclocking record, undoubtedly using liquid nitrogen. Additionally, Intel provided remarkable single- and multi-thread performance forecasts.

Notably, the 6 GHz top speed is 300 MHz higher than AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs’ 5.7 GHz top speed, although Intel hasn’t revealed which product will achieve that top speed. Furthermore, it’s unclear if a 6GHz processor will be part of the first chip shipment or a limited-edition ‘KS’ variant. As tested by SPECintrate_2017 and compared to Alder Lake, Intel also said that Raptor Lake will have a 15% increase in single-threaded performance, a 41% increase in multi-threaded performance, and an overall ‘40% performance scaling.

The final entry in the timeline above lists the 8 GHz world record as well as the 6GHz stock clocks. A lengthy series of Intel devices, dating back to the 8088 that started it all back in 1979, have been designed at the Israel Development Center (IDC). This range continues today and includes well-known brands like Sandy Bridge, Banias, Pentium MXX, and many more.

The 13th-generation Raptor Lake processors, which Intel will soon publicly introduce, serve as the culmination of all of this—at least for the time being. However, Intel undoubtedly has many additional designs in the works, including Meteor Lake, Lunar Lake, and other processors on the company’s roadmaps.