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Corsair displays a next-generation SDD with astounding 10,000MB/s performance

For its forthcoming PCIe Gen5 M.2 SSD, the first of its type from the firm, Corsair has unveiled a little teaser. The new SSD, dubbed the MP700 (a direct upgrade from the Gen4 MP600 series), is said to have a staggering 10,000MB/s read performance and up to 9,500MB/s sequential write rates.

A strong present collaboration with AMD led Corsair to emphasize the new SSD’s AM5 compatibility, suggesting that it may be released in September or October of this year to coincide with the launching of AMD’s next CPU generation. It’s important to keep in mind that Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs already enable PCIe 5.0.

The MP700 will be up to 40% faster than the most costly PCIe 4.0 drive Corsair made if it achieves the projected speeds in actual use (the MP600 Pro XT).

Price will be a key consideration, and this isn’t even the fastest PCIe 5.0 revealed; Apacer’s world-first offering displayed at Computex 2022 was capable of up to 13,000MB/s speeds, so it won’t necessarily be the finest SSD.