Blizzard offers free Shadowlands expansion

Receiving a gift from Blizzard is never a terrible thing, no matter the circumstance. This time, Blizzard is providing Shadowlands and a free level 50 character boost to everyone who has acquired some sort of World of Warcraft expansion but did not play Shadowlands.

How to claim the offer?

You must sign into your battle.net account on the client to see the two unclaimed gifts shown in the upper right corner of the client window.

As we said at the outset, you had to play World of Warcraft at some time in order to get Shadowlands and the character increase. By playing the game, we don’t mean placing bets on WoW. If you have the Battle for Azeroth expansion, for instance, you ought to have gotten the goodies.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch; you get the expansion free of charge and can level up any character to 50 (the level of characters that reached their maximum potential in Battle for Azeroth), but you don’t get a subscription. You can play the game and level up a character of your choosing once you have renewed your subscription for at least one month.