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Got inspired at PLAYCON? Apply to Gamedev Camp to make your own game

PLAYCON was a huge inspiration for everybody while those on the creative side may now be looking for the next step to bring their game ideas to life. One of the options is Gamedev Camp – an online bootcamp where individuals are matched into teams to create a game demo in 4 months and spend 12 more months developing a vertical slice and looking for an investor, accelerator or a publisher.

Game ideas are all up to the participants, so every team comes up with its own unique game idea, while Gamedev Camp ensures that teams get necessary and helpful feedback from 90+ mentors, who are professionals working in game dev, but even their suggestions aren’t something you have to follow, your game — your rules!

Gamedev Camp is a global program, so teams and mentors are usually international, yet most activities happen on European evenings, which makes it comfortable for Maltese to participate. The program requires about 2 hours daily focus time from participants to accommodate those having full-time studies or work.

The program is split in 3 parts – 3 months to develop a game demo along getting weekly feedback, art, code and design reviews from mentors, then 1 month to wrap up the game demo and publish it on Itch along the rest of the cohort and then 12 months to continue developing the game while looking for an investor or a publisher with help and guidance of Gamedev Camp network and community.

The deadline to apply is nearing soon since the next cohort is starting on January 15. So apply now (https://gamedev.camp/apply) to make a game in a team of motivated gamedev professionals, get an international network and learn new skills along the way.

Gamedev Camp program costs 50 EUR a month and offers a 20% discount to those who decide to pay upfront.