Gameplay for Gotham Knights is revealed online as early copies are obtained by players

Following the game’s early release, footage from Gotham Knights is being posted online. Gotham Knights is a game that is extremely similar to the Arkham series and was developed by WB Games Montreal, the studio that also made Arkham Origins. However, Batman is not a playable character in Gotham Knights. Instead, Gotham Knights let players to handle Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing as they battle to safeguard Gotham and uphold the history of the superhero cape.

Gotham Knights is still one of the most eagerly awaited games coming out this month, despite various release date delays that ultimately delayed the debut into October. Back in August, Gotham Knights was able to advance its release schedule when WB Games Montreal revealed that the game will be ready for release on October 21, 2022, rather than October 25. Many fans were astonished and delighted by this, and they couldn’t wait to return to the seedy alleys of Gotham and take on some crime.

However, it appears that some people were able to obtain the game prior to October 21. A small number of Gotham Knights discs have been made physically available to players in advance of the game’s scheduled release. Now that the game’s initial players are progressing through its universe and plot, Gotham Knights gameplay videos are starting to appear online. Gotham Knights for the PS5 has already had the first 30 minutes of gameplay showed publicly online, albeit this was shortly taken down.

It is suggested that people avoid watching these leaks if they don’t want to learn any plot details about Gotham Knights. However, the fact that many players shared their initial impressions of the game after getting their hands on it early has had some benefits. Social media users have praised Gotham Knights’ fighting while also criticizing the game’s occasionally clumsy mobility. Fans will soon be able to form their own views on Gotham Knights because there are just a few days left till the game’s release.

Not everyone has gotten early access to Gotham Knights. Recently, merchants obtained physical copies of A Plague Tale: Requiem before it was officially released, which led to the internet publication of some significant spoilers. Fans as well as the creator of A Plague Tale: Requiem, who pleaded with players to keep the game’s storyline secrets offline, are disappointed by this.