FIFA 23: Players lose millions due to EA’s Hero Pack error

Players claim to have lost a ton of coins due to EA’s recent error with the Hero Pack in the FIFA 23 in-game store. With a greater focus on realism and authenticity, FIFA 23 was created utilizing HyperMotion 2 technology and released on September 30. Fans who purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition received the game three days early, as well as 4600 FIFA points and other in-game goods.

In FIFA 23, retiring players’ unique cards are known as heroes. Many of these cards have enhanced states and upgrades, and when played in an appropriate position, they receive all of the chemistry points. Heroes still provide superior stats than the majority of the standard gold cards in FIFA 23, even though they are a tier below Icons since those cards symbolize the game’s legends. It appears that EA committed a mistake with FUT Heroes that cost consumers a significant number of coins.

EA unintentionally launched a Hero Bundle for 25,000 coins or 500 FIFA points in the FIFA 23 marketplace. Users were probably shocked by the pricing because many Heroes sell on the transfer market for hundreds of thousands of coins and some even go for more than a million. Additionally, because it was a tradeable pack, players who opened it could resell the card for a lot of money on the transfer market. The FIFA 23 store soon withdrew the Hero Bundle since it was too good to be true.

Despite the fact that it said customers had six days to purchase it, it was only on sale for around 25 minutes at the store. The FIFA 23 market operates on a supply-and-demand model, so as soon as the pack was launched, it was inundated with a variety of Hero cards. The market for Heroes crashed as a result of players continually undercutting one another in an effort to sell their card. As a result, anyone who purchased a Hero card before to the pack’s release lost hundreds of thousands of coins on each item. Although certain cards’ prices have increased, it’s unlikely that they will return to their prior levels.

EA often compensates players for their errors, but it has not yet offered a statement about this particular occurrence. Since whatever action EA takes is likely to have a significant influence on the FIFA 23 in-game market, it is probable that EA is still considering the best course of action.