EA honors 99% discount pricing miscalculation on FIFA 23

Electronic Arts (EA) has acknowledged that its price error for its Fifa 23 Ultimate Edition on India’s Epic Games shop, which cost 4.80 rupees (€0.06), resulted in “a fairly spectacular own goal.”

After a decimal point miscalculation resulted in the game’s price being reduced online by 99.98% last month, buyers hurried to pre-order it.

Since then, the game publisher has agreed to honor the discounted pre-orders.

The popular football series will end with Fifa 23, the last title from EA Sports.

The sports division of EA stated earlier this year that it will discontinue producing games using the Fifa brand. The publisher will keep creating football video games, but starting in 2023 they will be released under the new name EA Sports FC.

EA and Fifa announced their 29-year partnership would end in May, with licensing fees listed as one of the factors in the publisher’s decision. According to Fifa, it intends to release its own competitive games.

The inclusion of women’s teams in the most recent edition as well as this EA finals have added to the anticipation for the upcoming release.