Diablo III Season 28 is now live

Season 28 of Diablo III has started, and with the introduction of a new account-wide progression system, it will fundamentally alter how the game is played.

The Altar of Rites, an account-wide progression system that enables players to acquire some truly game-changing benefits and legendary potions for the duration of the season across all characters, is the centerpiece of Season 28, as previously explained by Blizzard. These perks are gained through a talent tree, and to unlock each one, you must sacrifice more precious resources and goods at the Altar of Rites.

These benefits go beyond conventional stat increases. These can include massive flat damage or movement speed enhancements as well as items without any level restrictions. Even better, there is a perk that enables pets to pick up and salvage stuff in the Torchlight fashion. Players will receive the Wings of Terror cosmetic, which allows them to adopt the appearance of the Lord of Terror himself, once they have unlocked all 26 perks and three legendary potions through the Altar of Rites.

Over a decade after its release, Diablo III is getting a significant new progression system, which is a fairly big deal. According to a Blizzard press release, this is most likely the reason why during the testing session for the update, there were five times as many players online at once as in previous testing periods. Based on Blizzard’s most recent blog article, a few elements of the update have changed since the PTR time.

Kanai’s Cube, another new addition to Season 28, gives players a new opportunity to make Primal items, and salvaging Primal items will reward 55 Primordial Ashes, which are helpful when trying to unlock the Altar of Rites’ later benefits. The Season 28 update for Diablo III will also provide tweaks to a number of Monk skills and a number of class set items, most notably the Natalya’s Vengeance set for Demon Hunters.

The new season will probably run up to the release of Diablo IV, which will use a seasonal structure akin to that of Diablo III and include seasonal battle passes. The game’s battle pass or in-game shop will not provide users with more character strength, according to Blizzard. Following a very tumultuous development cycle, Diablo IV will be released on June 6.