Bloodborne PC adaptation will “take some time” as FromSoft is busy with Elden Ring

Since the game’s first release in 2015, enthusiasts have been requesting a PC port for Bloodborne. Even while we still don’t have any official information, a recent update provided by a reliable insider could just provide us with a sliver of optimism or at the very least explain why it hasn’t happened yet.

Jeff Grubb, a writer and insider for GamesBeat, recently made an appearance on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast and discussed several topics, including Bloodborne. “I guess the answer to that is nothing is happening with Bloodborne right now,” he said in reference to a feasible PC port. And I believe Elden Ring from FromSoftware is continuing to be the cause of that.

Without the involvement of the original developer, he said, “FromSoftware built the game in such a way that you just couldn’t simply hire a team to go in there and do the work for them. You would have to collaborate alongside FromSoftware. Grubb thinks that FromSoftware just doesn’t have the time for it right now because a port would require a lot of support. Although it contradicts the assertion made about the PC version of Bloodborne, it does point out why it hasn’t happened that way yet.

Grubb suggested that Sony hire more development personnel to aid with the development of a potential PC version. This is now more possible than ever, not just because Bloodborne is a PlayStation-exclusive game, but also because Sony and Tencent now jointly own 30% of FromSoftware. Even Nixxes was purchased by Sony to help with PC ports.