Riot to launch a dedicated women’s League of Legends esports league

A women’s League of Legends global esports circuit, like to its Valorous Game Changers program, is something Riot Games is thinking about implementing.

Riot had previously considered such a move internally, but today’s news that G2 Esports has signed a women’s League of Legends squad has advanced the concept.

Although a women’s circuit is reportedly taking place, the exact date the league will debut is yet unknown.

Riot is thinking of creating more isolated competitions for female players in addition to a global circuit, although they are still in the planning stages.

Riot Games does not currently have a women’s League of Legends circuit. A few independent, women-only LoL competitions have taken place throughout the years, including FemaleLegends at DreamHack, ESWC Paris, and most recently the GirlGamer Oradea Festival EU LoL competition. This wasn’t the official women’s Worlds competition, but the team that won it afterwards signed with G2, and it will have a global final scheduled for early 2023.