Gillette commemorates its fifth anniversary with the Gillette Gaming Alliance

Gillette, a pioneer in gaming and esports as well as the world’s foremost authority on men’s grooming, today announced the relaunch of the Gillette Gaming Alliance, an all-star group of streamers chosen to represent the company and provide content for audiences across the world. The Gillette Gaming Alliance, now in its fifth year running, strengthens the company’s commitment to the gaming industry and elevates its presence by coming up with novel and engaging methods for fans to interact. With 13 streamers from 8 different nations, The Alliance has remained the brand’s longest-running gaming program.

Superstar streamers from around the world have joined the Gillette Gaming Alliance, including TypicalGamer from North America, Mongraal from the UK, Jolavanille from France, Nikof from France, Papaplatte from Germany, Rumathra from Germany, Pizfn from Italy, Xiuder from Italy, Vicens from Spain, Agustin from Spain, Nobru from Brazil, Elded from Mexico, and Juansguarnizo from Mexico (Mexico).

Members will produce unique livestream material for Twitch and YouTube during the course of the program, providing details of their own personal grooming routines and product suggestions, including Gillette’s most recent inventions, such as King C. Gillette and GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar. Streamers will broadcast solo and squad streams during which they team up to compete in some of the most well-known and well-liked games, like Fortnite.

Gillette Global Brand Franchise Leader Daniel Ordonez stated, “With the Gillette Gaming Alliance’s fifth anniversary, we’ve reached a significant milestone and we’re delighted to see this terrific program continue to develop and expand with the varied, fast-paced gaming community. “Our years of experience in the gaming industry establishes a vital link with our younger customers. We remain as dedicated as ever to creating a Gillette brand experience that customers want to return to year after year.

Following the popularity of last year’s Gillette Bed Battles map, which gathered 500,000 unique players in the first two months, Gillette Fortnite maps and mini games are also returning and better than ever. The “Gillette Face-off” map is getting two new playable iterations: a futuristic lab and a mineshaft. Both include action-packed, no-build gameplay and feature numerous Gillette products. For the Gillette Cup gaming competition, which will return for a second year and begin in 2023, a third specially made Fortnite experience will be unveiled.

Pro-gamer Andre Rebelo, commonly known as TypicalGamer, said, “I’m happy to be a member of the legendary Gillette Gaming Alliance lineup. “I get to pursue my passion while interacting with new players from across the world and promoting a well-known brand like Gillette. I’m eager to show my fans how I get ready since it’s crucial to look and feel well when streaming all day. Watch my channels for the most recent information.

The Gillette Gaming Alliance roster’s 13 players will be participating in livestreams starting this month and running through June 2023. Next year, consumers and fans can expect even more, including fresh methods to interact with their favorite streamers, chances to win amazing gifts, and even the possibility to join a squad stream.