Featured: A Brief Look at Maltese Esports – A Growing Landscape

Oftentimes, when we talk about the likes of ‘esports’, it may seem like a distant notion that manifests itself in other countries. However, that’s hardly true. Accordingly, Maltese Esports itself has matured and developed in the past decade and continues to grow together with the international industry – here’s a quick peek!

Maltese Esports – A Passionate Beginning

Naturally, before we take a general look at the current esports scene, we need to pay respects to some essential history. While we may not be able to pin down the exact minute when the ball started rolling, 2012 is a great place to start. Of course, it’s important to note that esports was present on the island before this time, with 2005-07 being recognized as a significant period of growth, comparable to 2012 – organizations such as Quickfire where known back then as Club Gaming.

Accordingly, 2012 was the year that GMR, back then known as ‘gamers.com.mt’ hosted their first-ever LAN event. Involving titles as old as Call of Duty 2, young hopefuls would be determined enough to bring their entire setup to decorate a competitive atmosphere which also served as a social moshpit.

Having started as a simple school software project, gamers.com.mt would grow to become one of the top local stakeholders in esports on the island as we’ll discuss below.

Since this beginning in 2012, multiple establishments for esports propped up, such as Quickfire (now known as EDEN Esports) and events would slowly begin to be held more regularly with larger prize pools. Where there wasn’t too much prize, passion is what fueled the birth of esports on the island – it’s this passion that inspired the creation of multiple organizations and establishments while attracting international and local sponsorships of today.

GamersLan in 2012 at the Naxxar Parish Hall

Maltese Esports – Organizers, Teams and Tournaments

So, how best can we possibly present an entire industry in a few short words?

Accordingly, let’s take a look at some of the most impactful names in the local industry, split into organizations, teams, and tournaments which have shaped Maltese esports:

Tournament Organizers

  • GMR
  • EDEN Esports
  • World Pro Racing
  • Velocity Esports
  • Level Academy

Esports Studios and Lounges

  • Gamers Lounge
  • EDEN Esports Centre
  • Esports Plaza
  • World Pro Racing Facility

Education and Broadcasting

  • Level Academy – Education
  • NGEN – Production
  • Esports Plaza – Production

Esports Organizations (Teams)

  • Project Eversio
  • VALID Unit
  • Skill Up


  • Playcon – GMR
  • Malta Esports Festival – GMR
  • Malta Cyber Series – GMR
  • Malta Robotics Olympiad Overwatch: Open – GMR
  • BOV ePremier League – GMR x MFA
  • Malta Esports Arena – EDEN
  • Super Nova – EDEN
  • Champions Cup – EDEN
  • Champions of Champions – EDEN
  • ESL Pro League – ESL
Racing Simulators setup by World Pro Racing at the Malta Esports Arena

Overall, Maltese esports has a healthy mix of local low-tier events, together with higher stake local and international events. Notably, the future of Maltese esports seems to involve further international partnerships with global organizers – advertising the island as a centre for esports.

However, local esports is so much more than simply ‘tournaments and events’. Cultivating a culture of social gathering and healthy competition is the goal of local esports organizations such as Project Eversio and educational centres such as Level Academy strives to accomplish. As we’ve outlined in a previous featured article, the esports industry is widespread – the local one is no exception!

Also, local events such as Playcon are working wonders with regard to exposing the general public to the notion of esports. Indeed, what once used to be misunderstood is now respected as a potent industry that the younger generation is on-board with!

The Malta Esports Festival 2018 Main Stage at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali

Local Esports Associations – Malta Esports Association

Currently, local esports organizations have managed to band together and unite under the Malta Esports Association. This climax of cooperation and unity for the esports community involves the following members:

  • EDEN Esports – Tournament Organizer
  • esportsmalta – Local Esports News
  • GMR – Tournament Organizer
  • Project Eversio – Esports Team
  • NGEN – Production
  • Wolfpack Management – Consultancy
  • World Pro Racing – Tournament Organizer
  • MST Audiovisual Ltd – Production
  • Level Academy – Education
  • Velocity Racing – Tournament Organizer
  • Antilia Ltd. – Production
  • Velocity Esports Racing
  • Esports Plaza

Entities affiliated with MESA:

  • OCVO – Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations
  • IESF – International Esports Federation
  • EEF – European Esports Federation
  • GEF – Global Esports Federation

As you can imagine, an association helps the local stakeholders stick together and nurture the future of esports in the right direction while communicating with government and international entities on behalf of the industry.

Launch of the Malta Esports Association (MESA) in 2022

Maltese Esports – More Opportunities Than Ever

On a personal note, I’ve watched the local esports industry grow first-hand during my five years of content writing. From my point of view, the growth of local esports has been thanks to an intrinsic change in the mentality of the locals which is ongoing and improved infrastructure thanks to local organizations and government initiatives.

Overall, there are more opportunities than ever to become involved in the industry – organizing, production, education, competing and more.

Bearing this in mind, the future seems rather bright indeed, as the local esports industry is also tied to video gaming development and iGaming which are also very successful on the Maltese Islands.

In conclusion, we hope this brief discussion has helped you understand the local esports scene!

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