50 Cent Teases GTA 6 Involvement

The anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 is growing as the rapper 50 Cent makes suggestions about his potential participation. Since the infamous leaks from last year, Rockstar Software has been silent on anything involving Grand Theft Auto 6, and the world has been waiting for any sign of news.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was published in 2013, and soon after that, its online multiplayer mode. Many people have already begun to speculate about what the next game will be. Rockstar Software has not provided much information about what Grand Theft Auto 6 will involve, despite many re-releases of GTA 5 on more modern systems and numerous new content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. It stayed that way until September 2022, when there was an abrupt, significant breach when one channel posted more than 20 leaked videos of GTA 6 gameplay to the internet, displaying a ton of game footage. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive were both shaken by this incident, and nothing fresh has happened since the leak.

There is hope that this will change shortly as GTA 6 is expected to be announced soon in the gaming community. The rapper 50 Cent uploaded a photo of a vibrantly colored logo on Instagram today that reads “Vice City” in the same font as the logo for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the setting of which is also allegedly the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6. The rapper hinted that something related to Grand Theft Auto would be coming out soon and that 50 Cent himself will be engaged in it by writing “I will explain this later” underneath this image.

Fans started speculating in the comments as to what this might signify. Some said it might be a Grand Theft Auto TV show, while others claimed it meant he will appear in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. The latter wouldn’t be unexpected because 50 Cent is familiar with video games and has played a few of them. Moreover, 50 Cent stated that he wanted to create another game back in 2018.