Using gaming technologies in the classroom

Many hours are spent playing video games by billions of individuals. And there’s a lot of it! While some believe that this bad habit destroys lives and causes addictions, others regard it as a fantastic way to expand one’s horizons and better oneself. Furthermore, who would have imagined that gaming technology would be successfully incorporated into the classroom? Discover more about this invention; it will permanently alter your perspective!

The relationship between gaming and psychological needs

Playful learning is nothing new. For instance, teachers frequently convert the learning process into a game since it is difficult for primary school students to sit at textbooks and notebooks for extended periods of time. However, many institutions now have such an educational system in place, and even adults may benefit from it. It does not imply that you will play casino slots in place of courses and that your brain will automatically retain all information. Unfortunately, these technologies are yet not widely developed.

Video games have been shown by psychologists to provide players happy feelings and the hormone dopamine. The following are the reasons why they involve users:

  • A player strives to accomplish a certain objective.
  • Feeling progress when chores are completed successfully is enjoyable.
  • The initial chores are straightforward, but as the narrative progresses, they grow increasingly challenging.

More educators are paying attention to the gamification method since all these ideas are applicable in teaching. It entails utilizing game concepts and aspects in non-game settings to improve desired behavior and engagement.

Educational video games that are useful

Many people think that the games themselves, as well as the gamification approach, are beneficial for education. Of course, not every game you play for amusement alone will be successful. Popular games that promote learning include:

  • For use in classrooms, the Minecraft Education Edition was made available. In order to progress in the game, a player must gather resources and create various structures. Additionally, playing Minecraft promotes the growth of mathematical, organizational, and programming abilities.
  • Maxis Studios’ SimCityEdu allows for the construction of cities in a warming world. The game contributes to the hunt for answers by bringing attention to the current global issues.