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The Sims 5 – Everything we know so far

The Sims 5 marks the beginning of a new chapter, nine years after the release of the latest from the Sims series. Prior to that, a new Sim was supposed to be introduced every five years although such promise was broken after the unimpressive release of Sims 4. Since then however, rhe game has gained fresh life over time thanks to the inclusion of new content and the free-to-play release.

While EA stated a few years ago that they have no interest in creating a new Sims game, things have changed since then. At the 2022 Behind the Sims Summit, it was disclosed that The Sims 5 development has advanced. Leaked screenshots started to appear on places like Reddit soon after the announcement.

The Sims 5 is currently in its early stages of development, and Maxis expects to release a full version by 2024. Naturally, they will report on progress as it is made over the following few years. Additionally, it will allow them adequate time to perfect the game and guarantee fan happiness.

Fans will have to wait since there are no open preorders at this time. Internally, Maxis refers to The Sims 5 as Project Rene, which stands for renewal renaissance. It represents a rekindled desire to bring the franchise back to its zenith.

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