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PLAYCON 2023 – Results, Review and Reflection

Each year, PLAYCON continues to expand on what it means to be the ultimate gaming and esports event on the island, offering an unprecedented platform for educators, service-providers and stakeholders to gather under one roof while remaining completely accessible to the general population.

Let’s take a closer look at PLAYCON 2023 now that it’s all wrapped up.

A Seriously Superb Summit

Reaching the expectations set upon it, the PLAYCON Summit was everything we hoped it would be.

Featuring inspiring speeches from the likes of Ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs all related with the video game and esports industry. Moreover, everything was broadcasted live for everyone to enjoy across both days of discussion.

Educational Visits

In addition, the first two days of PLAYCON saw a flood of school visits pouring in to the expo area.

It’s this epic contrast – leading stakeholders and curious youth learning under one roof – which makes PLAYCON truly special.

Aiming for Gaming

Gaming was simply everywhere at PLAYCON 2023, with gaming talks, gaming merch, gaming expos, gaming stands and gaming competitions.

When we refer to ‘gaming’, naturally we’re referring to every aspect, including VR, videogame development and the artwork involved. With how the stands were set-up, visitors could take a tour to understand how games are developed and the effort involved.

Cosplay Competition – A Massive Hit

Arguably one of the most exciting gaming competitions of the weekend, the cosplay competition was massive hit with the community.

Likely, the attention dervies from the fact that it doesn’t take a gamer to appreciate a fantastic cosplay.

Speaking of which, competitors truly brought their A-game, bringing some of the most popular characters to life contributing to a thrilling competition where all competitors were applauded for their creativity and artistic approach.

Considering this success, we’ll promise to start working for a return of the PLAYCON Cosplay Competition.

Esports Everywhere

If you missed our preview for PLAYCON, we listed the exhaustive list of esports competitions taking place at PLAYCON. Here’s a reminder of all the action that went down this past week:

  • Counter-Strike 2 – Malta Counter-Strike League
  • Rocket League – Level Academy
  • League of Legends – ESL Malta Madness
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Gamers Malta
  • Super Smash Bros. – Nintendo Gamers Malta
  • Pokemon VGC – Nintendo Gamers Malta
  • Tekken 7 – Malta Cyber Series
  • EA Sports FC – IFR Esports, Betclic Group Careers
  • N Rally Challenge – Velocity Esports Racing
  • Sim Racing Time Attack Tournament – World Pro Racing

With so many concurrent esports events, the island has never seen such an electric environment.


What PLAYCON achieved is beyond words, no enough to capture in this review article at least.

Overall, we’d like to thank all the stakeholders, organizers, crew and the general public for making this all possible and for establishing PLAYCON as the top videogame and esports expo on the island.

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