PLAYCON News Gaming Live “Reacts” Are Being Added to Twitch

Live “Reacts” Are Being Added to Twitch

According to reports, Twitch will soon roll out a new feature that will let users anonymously respond to the content they watch by using a range of emojis. With the help of this new Twitch feature, viewers will have more opportunities to interact with their favorite streamers and content creators will have more precise insights into the behavior of their audience.

To try to enhance its streaming service, Twitch frequently rolls out new features. With the launch of the new Twitch Elevated Chat feature on September 30, 2022, the company made it feasible for streamers to view pinned messages. With this option, which is currently accessible on YouTube, users can pay a one-time price to highlight one of their messages and make it stand out, making it easier for content creators to see it. Although not all Twitch streamers were happy with this feature, the firm is continuously exploring for methods to enhance the communication between content producers and their communities.

According to insider Zach Bussey, Twitch will test out allowing users to anonymously respond to live streams. Users of this Twitch React function can select from a variety of reactions, including “Hype,” “Funny,” “Whaaat?,” “Oh no!” and “Love.” Similar to Facebook Reactions, each of these reactions is represented by a specific emoji that was inspired by a meme.

There will be a five-minute timeout between each contact to minimize spam, and viewers will be able to respond in real time to Twitch content. Once the session is over, Twitch content producers will learn how their viewers responded to their stream. Streamers will have access to a bar chart showing how frequently each reaction was chosen over a specified period of time, according to the screenshot shared by Bussey. After that, content producers can access the relevant VOD page or export this data for more analysis.

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