PLAYCON News Technology The PS5 has been jailbroken

The PS5 has been jailbroken

A video that has gone viral online demonstrates that the Sony PlayStation 5 system has been jailbroken two years after it was first introduced.

The jailbreaking of Sony’s PlayStation 5 system may open the door to piracy and homebrewed media. Most video game consoles and other gadgets ultimately become “jailbroken,” which simply means they have been changed to perform tasks or install content that would ordinarily be banned by the device’s maker, even if it might take years for this to happen. One of the newest systems in the business has just undergone a jailbreak, which has a lengthy history with video gaming consoles.

The PS5, which debuted in November 2020, is Sony’s most recent gaming console. Due to supply chain concerns and scalpers consuming all the stock, the PlayStation 5 has a reputation for being difficult for users to obtain. Issues with PS5 supply have occasionally interfered with the selling of software, although Sony plans to enhance PS5 manufacturing over the Christmas season and in 2023.

The fact that a PS5 jailbreak is now possible and that more players are using the platform will probably make Sony upset. Modder Lance McDonald shared video proof of the PS5 jailbreak on Twitter, demonstrating it in use.   The PS5 jailbreak is used by McDonald in the video to install the P.T. horror game demo typically impossible due to Konami’s historic removal of the game from the PlayStation Store, to his console. McDonald has published articles regarding P.T. making a video in the past that depicts what the ghost is doing off-screen.

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