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New Xbox Controller Variation Leaks Online

The Special Edition Stellar Shift version of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S controllers will reportedly be the company’s next Xbox controller, with a release date of February 14. Microsoft has released a number of controller variations for users to add to their collections since the release of the Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2020. While the controllers that come with Xbox consoles are typically either black or white, individuals who want to purchase an additional controller have a wide range of color options to select from.

Over the past few years, a broad range of Xbox controller colors have been released, with prices normally ranging between $59.99 and $64.99. The Xbox Elite controller line, which offers much more functions at a much higher price, should not be mistaken with these controllers as they are merely variations of the original Xbox controllers.

Recent Amazon listing leaks claim that the blue Special Edition Stellar Shift is the next Xbox controller. If the ad is accurate, the controller will be offered beginning on February 14 and will cost $64.99. This pricing is typical for entry-level Xbox controllers. If the February 14 release date is accurate, Microsoft should soon be properly announcing the newest Xbox controller color to the public.

Microsoft will likely continue to release several controller models for Xbox in the coming months and years. There may be limited edition Xbox controllers themed after businesses and video game franchises in addition to the standard color changes. There’s no reason to believe that Xbox will ever stop using these marketing crossovers any time soon—in fact, it has already produced a sizable number of customized Xbox systems and controllers.

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