PLAYCON News Technology It isn’t the hardware that has changed the most with the new iPhone

It isn’t the hardware that has changed the most with the new iPhone

The screen on the iPhone 14 is barely off when consumers aren’t using their latest Apple gadget. It will continue to be illuminated, have conspicuous widgets like alarms, calendar events, and sports scores that are updated in real-time, and be available if you look down or eventually pick it back up.

The lock screen of Apple’s new flagship range, which debuts on sale in shops on Friday, has undergone the largest shift ever. Until now, this priceless space has largely been a wasteland of alarms. Although Android has always supported an always-on display, Apple is the first to implement this idea. The idea of finding something new to do with existing space arises as cash-strapped customers must find a reason to trade in or acquire gadgets without significant hardware improvements, which is not simply a means to keep people more passively linked to their devices.

Apple is enhancing the lock screen’s customizability and versatility. Interactive lock screens are normally restricted, allowing for a fast check of messages, the time, reminders, calendar appointments, and jotting notes. It will also display information that was previously only available inside applications, such as the status of a delivery of takeout or the arrival of an Uber at your house.

Additionally, the new lock screen offers a means to display images, allows users to choose their own font styles and colors, and places alerts more conveniently at the bottom of the screen.

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