PLAYCON News Technology Company Develops Soundproof Bluetooth Mic for Gaming

Company Develops Soundproof Bluetooth Mic for Gaming

A Bluetooth microphone called Mutalk is being developed by the Japanese company Shiftall to muffle sound during those loud gaming sessions. Shiftall, a member of the Panasonic group of companies, started out as a home appliance tech company. However, the firm has more recently started to focus on VR technology, including the MeganeX lightweight headgear and a variety of body trackers for VTubers or people curious about the Metaverse.

The company’s most recent invention however may be useful to more gamers than simply those who enjoy virtual reality, as it tackles an issue that many gamers have encountered at some point or another – noisy play sessions that could disturb others. A common gaming accessory for a long time, noise-cancelling and noise-isolating Bluetooth headphones work to enhance the player’s experience by reducing outside noise.

Shiftall’s Mutalk Bluetooth soundproof mic, which is expected to cost around $200 is set to be released 2023. With a set of straps that fit around the ears, Mutalk lays over the mouth and remarkably resembles a smaller version of the Meta Quest VR headset. Shiftall says that it can lower loud yelling by up to 30 dB and an average speaking voice by roughly 20 dB, to a point that someone sat at the same table won’t be able to hear.

mutalk official video (English)
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